The company has been primarily focused on real estate sector apart from its NBFC business. The company has a strong presence in the Boisar-Tarapur belt in Palghar district and also in suburban Mumbai. It has an impressive track record of building more than 4000 homes in Mumbai and Palghar districts. The company also plans to diversify into the Telecom Infrastructure Segment with an aim to service the growing demand for smart connectivity in rural and urban areas in India and in part

s of Africa. It has also successfully signed a joint venture with Signature Group of Dubai to jointly develop telecom infrastructure in India and Africa.


Keshav Nagar:

Keshav Nagar was the first residential housing complex of the Company. The project was in the Boisar-Tarapur belt. The company built approximately 400 apartments comprising over 150,000 sq ft. The project was the first township developed by the company


Shanti Nagar:


Shanti Nagar was another residential project comprising of 125 apartments and around 80,000 sq ft. The project was of significant importance as it was in the Chitralaya area which is one of the most upmarket regions of the Boisar-Tarapur belt


 Suyog Apartment:

This project albeit small marked the company’s entry into the suburban regions of Mumbai. The project was a redevelopment project in Goregaon, Mumbai and was completed in 2005


MMRDA Slum Rehabilitation Project:

This mega project was executed by the company in association with Anjani Kumar Pvt. Ltd. The joint venture developed 750,000 sq ft of residential space for the slum dwellers in lieu of Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) in Bhandup, Mumbai. This project helped the company build its reputation as a company capable of executing large projects